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The Normal Initiative was started to promote talent and healthy philanthropic actions around the island of Cyprus. Progressively, we started working with contributors from many countries and nationalities. Now, The Normal Events spread a spirit of joy, cultural richness and love of the community, in Cyprus and on European mainland.

We focus on ecofriendly, artistic, cruelty free and humanitarian activities that will bring positive festivities.

We partner with like-minded businesses, freelancers and organizations in order to promote, unite and support those who are making steps in a greater common direction.

To be perfectly candid, we wanted to call ourselves The Good Initiative. But, since we tried to unite philanthropy with business, and work as a fair adventure before being a profit-focused venture, we didn’t know if our initiative would be good from the start. This is why we went for NORMAL instead, because normal seemed like a promise we could keep. What we knew was that we would focus on doing things right, and we would focus on being fair and equal, unlike so many businesses we had worked for. We would question the status quo, and define our norms around ethics before profit and growth. To us, it seemed normal to do things right. So to re-establish a norm of kindness, fairness, and inclusion, The Normal Initiative was born.


Imagine Cafe Bar  ///   Ozlem Var Yoga   ///   YOM Food & Catering